In the thrilling landscape of 2023, athletes and teams affiliated with Plus Sports Agency experienced a captivating journey that sets the stage for remarkable achievements. As we anticipate the upcoming Paris Olympics, the approaching year holds immense significance, representing a pivotal chapter in the athletic careers of many, with aspirations for substantial success and a collection of prestigious medals.

  • Roberto Sánchez Mantecón’s Triumph in Triathlon: Roberto Sánchez Mantecón emerged as the standout Spanish triathlete in 2023. Despite facing technical challenges that hindered a global top-10 finish in both WTS and Superleague, his notable accomplishments include a 4th place in the Superleague in London, 7th in WTS Abu Dhabi, and 8th in Montreal – the pinnacle of Spanish results in the 2023 WTS. The year concluded with a resounding 10th position in the Olympic Test in Paris.
  • Noa Martín’s Dominance in National Swimming: Noa Martín has undeniably etched her name among the prominent figures in national swimming. Her stellar performance at the Elite and Junior National Championship over 5000 meters showcased her prowess. With triumphs like Junior Gold and Elite Silver in the 1500 freestyle, Junior Gold and Elite Silver in the 400 freestyle, and Junior Gold and Elite Bronze in the 800 freestyle, Noa Martín stands as a beacon of excellence.
  • Shanyl De Schoesitter’s Versatility in Cycling: Shanyl De Schoesitter surprised the world with her silver medal in the eliminator and a commendable fifth-place finish in the XCC Short Track at the Leuven World Cup. Her eleventh position at the European Cyclocross Championships in Pontchâteau and seventh place at the Belgian Road Championships underscore her versatility as one of the most promising junior cyclists in Europe.
  • BH Coloma’s Stellar MTB XCO Season: BH Coloma, our cherished MTB XCO team, lived up to its stellar reputation in the 2023 season. David Valero’s commendable performances secured two 5th positions in the XCO of Lenzerheide and the European XCO Championship in Krakow. Jofre Cullell’s achievement of a 7th place in the XCC World Championship in Glasgow further solidifies the team’s standing among the elite.

In the dynamic realm of sports, the narrative of Plus Sports Agency in 2023 is one of triumphs, challenges, and unwavering commitment. These achievements not only solidify the agency’s position in the realm of sports business but also exemplify the dedication to athlete management and sponsorship – pillars that define the ethos of our agency. As we continue this exciting journey, Plus Sports Agency remains at the forefront, fostering excellence in sports and carving a legacy in the competitive landscape.

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