Since the inception of their partnership in 2013, Roberto Sánchez Mantecón and Plus Sports have been laser-focused on a singular, ambitious objective: securing Sánchez Mantecón’s qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics. This long-term strategic plan, spanning over a decade, exemplifies how effective synergy between an athlete and an agency can turn lofty goals into tangible achievements.

Core Pillars of the Strategic Plan

To achieve this Olympic dream, Plus Sports meticulously crafted their strategy around two pivotal pillars: securing robust financial backing through sponsorships and cultivating a strong, autonomous personal brand for Mantecón.

Financial Backing

Robust financial backing has been indispensable. From the outset, Plus Sports identified and secured strategic sponsors who provided not only funding but also alignment with Sánchez Mantecón’s values and career trajectory. This financial stability enabled Sánchez Mantecón to focus on intensive training and competitions without the typical financial distractions. Nevertheless, the journey was not devoid of challenges. The triathlon market underwent significant shifts, and Plus Sports’ agility in adapting their sponsorship strategy to these market fluctuations was crucial. Retaining key sponsors throughout the Olympic cycle underscored the agency’s prowess in managing long-term relationships and navigating economic headwinds.
In this sense Fundación Trinidad Alfonso, Crown Nutrition, BH Bikes and Verd Natura had a main relevance in the plan.

Personal Brand Development

Building a resilient personal brand for Sánchez Mantecón was the second cornerstone of their strategy. Plus Sports went beyond mere management, equipping the triathlete with the skills necessary to autonomously handle critical aspects of his brand. This comprehensive training encompassed social media management, media engagement, and sponsor relations, empowering Mantecón to develop a rare level of self-sufficiency in brand management among elite athletes. This autonomy not only fortified his personal brand but also enhanced his attractiveness to sponsors, who highly value a professionally proactive athlete.

Triangular Synergy: Athlete, Agency, and Sponsors

The triumph of this strategy also hinges on the close, collaborative relationship between Mantecón, Plus Sports, and the sponsors. The agency ensured that all parties were in lockstep with both short-term and long-term objectives, fostering a synergy that facilitated the execution of highly effective sponsorship programs. Moreover, the ongoing education of the athlete regarding the intricacies and obligations of these programs integrated these elements as an essential part of his professional profile.


The case of Roberto Sánchez Mantecón and Plus Sports is a textbook example of how comprehensive and strategic management in sponsorship and personal brand development can propel an athlete to achieve their most ambitious goals. The agency not only provided the necessary tools and support but also empowered the athlete to manage his career with a high degree of autonomy and professionalism. With the Paris 2024 Olympics on the horizon, this collaboration exemplifies the power of well-executed strategic planning in the realm of triathlon and athlete representation.

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