Introduction: In an exciting development for the world of Mountain Bike Marathon (XCM), the renowned Gigante de Piedra  Small race is set to ascend to UCI status. This elevation marks a significant milestone in the event’s journey, promising increased recognition and participation from global riders. Let’s delve into the key details of this thrilling race.

Race Overview: The Gigante de Piedra Small XCM covers a challenging 115 kilometers with a staggering ascent of over 3000 meters. This demanding course, set against the picturesque backdrop of Sant Joan de Moró in Castellón, Spain, is known for pushing riders to their limits, both physically and mentally.

Date of the Next Edition: Mark your calendars for the 4th of May 2024, as the next edition of this exhilarating race is set to captivate participants and spectators alike. Prepare for a day of intense competition and breathtaking landscapes as riders navigate the challenging terrain.

Historical Significance: Previously serving as the prestigious Campeonato de España and a pivotal event in the Open de España XCM, the Gigante de Piedra Small race has a rich history. Its illustrious past has seen the likes of legendary mountain bikers such as Tinker Juarez, Patxi Cía, Derek Teel, Loana Lecomte, and Roberto Bou grace its challenging course.

UCI Ranking: A key highlight of the upcoming edition is its designation as a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) sanctioned event. This means that the race will contribute to the UCI XCM 2024 ranking, attracting top-tier riders and further solidifying its status on the international stage.

International Participation: The Gigante de Piedra Small XCM has not only been a local favorite but has also garnered attention from mountain biking enthusiasts worldwide. With the participation of renowned names from the global mountain biking community, the race has become a melting pot of talent and a showcase of the sport’s diversity.

Conclusion: As the Gigante de Piedra Small XCM transitions into a UCI-sanctioned event, it takes a significant leap towards becoming a global phenomenon. The 115-kilometer challenge through the scenic terrain of Sant Joan de Moró is poised to capture the hearts of mountain biking enthusiasts globally on the 4th of May 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this iconic race and witness history in the making as it continues its journey toward international acclaim.

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