Following the path started with Celta Mobile, which is now RCD Espanyol from Barcelona launching RCDE Mobile with Plus Sports as managing agency.  From today, RCD Espanyol will have its own telecommunications company. A new business monetization tool for one of the most important club´s assets; the fans, through a communication service bringing the fans better deals and important benefits.

The spanish telecommunications market has an important lack of fidelity in the companies clients. This is a critical problem for the companies, continous loosing their options to manage and retain their clients.

On the other hand, excepting Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Atlético de Madrid, IT companies don’t have an important presence in the sponsorship plan of clubs at La Liga.  A difficult category to complete for the clubs out of the podium of the competition doesn’t attract the interest from the big national IT corporations.

But, if these clubs have something in common, their fans’ incredible fidelity, incredible stability over the years, and crisis and successful years. Strangely enough, in cases like RCD Espanyol, these difficult times are joining the club with their fans.

From Plus Sports, we detected this behavior, and we designed with the telecommunications company and RCD Espanyol and sponsorship plan with two goals; First a fundraising tool for the club and the telecommunications company, with a monetization tool for the asset of the fans, and the second bringing a great asset activation to engage the fans of the club.

One of the hardest situation for the clubs around the planet is the lack of incoming due to the prohibition of attendance in the stadiums and the not-incoming by the match day category. Because all this situation, this monetization solution by Plus Sports brings to the clubs a tool to continous funds incoming in these times where the monetization is key for the clubs.

RCD Espanyol is the oldest club in Barcelona, with a strong fan base and a professional management, liable and open-mind bringing to develop new initiatives like RCDE Mobile

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