Elche CF and Emaze close a deal to bring the Spanish fans a social engagement platform to collect social content from their social networks.

The Emaze Elche brings bespoke and reactive designs with Elche CF colors. The fan can use different online tools to maximize The platform is free and available for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the video network TikTok, collecting all the Elche flavor in one site.

Image is an Israeli corporation with a global presence specialized in online content and digital customization. The Elche CF is the second team with Emaze in La Liga after Real Sociedad rising the portfolio of sports teams using Emaze for their digital content like Manchester United, Boca Juniors, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, etc.

Plus, Sports has to manage all the operations from the beginning.  Emaze chose Elche CF because of the interest from the corporation to close partnership with soccer teams with a significant social base engagement.
The platform will be free and will bring a strong web creation potential for the Elche CF fans.

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