Are USA and Canada ready to host the WorldCup in 2026?

The answer is absolutely clear; YES. They are ready for the WorldCup

Football in United States and Canada is so far away from the FIFA World Cup 1994. Some people use that year to nominate the Unites States (and Canada) as new rookie in the football countries table, the reality was so different and the truly scale development for soccer happened with delay from that nomination.

2007 is a break point for the football in North America, the “Beckham effect” place suddenly the name of MLS in the world´s football table. A North America team can join a competitor player to its league; Beckham was playing on loan in huge European teams like AC Milan or Paris Saint Germain in the MLS off season.

LAFC is the last phenomenon in MLS

But the revolution started years ago, there was some facts helped to this situation:

  • Adidas marketing strategy:

Adidas choice for soccer as key sport in United States and Canada brought the sport a global coverage and very strong synergies with Adidas-FIFA partnership

  • Young soccer development:

Probably soccer is one of the most usual sports activities for boys and girls in North America. American Football controversy for brain injuries turns parent preferences to soccer.

  • Hispanic power:

With more than a 20% of Hispanic population the relevance of Hispanics in United States is rising extremely strong with a second (and third generation) of Hispanics naturalized American.

Soccer health is strong in North America

All these facts made soccer in North America an strong reality with a solid fan base and a competitive league, not just in athletic aspects, but in other business aspects makes soccer in North America a very profitable business. A big opportunity for FIFA WorldCup

The absence of two of the host countries at Russia 2018 WorldCup is just an anecdote in the consolidation of North America as a reference in the world of football.