Celta Mobile, loyalty as a business model

The Celta Mobile project managed by Plus Sports allows a new way to monetize the club´s fans fidelity.
Real Club Celta de Vigo is launching its own mobile and fiber company, a decide initiative for the develop the Spanish IT market bringing competitive rates and specific content for their user base in Celta de Vigo assets.
The weak point in the Spanish IT market is the lack of loyalty for their companies, a critical problem and the companies are losing their operational gap to manage and retain their customers.
On the other side excepting Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid the telecommunications partner is a category empty in the major part of La Liga teams sponsorship plan.
Without a doubt, a hard duty for the marketing departments of La Liga teams out of the top three with high difficulty to attract the main telecommunication corporations to their portfolio.
However, one of the most value conditions of these “other” La Liga clubs is the huge loyalty of their supporters and fans, incredible solid over the years no matter the performance of the club. In fact, in the case of Celta Vigo, seasons with downgrading risk rise the supporters’ engagement in all the social club aspects.
This was not an overlooked element for Plus Sports and we designed with the club and the telecommunications company a sponsorship plan with two main goals, in one side we looked to exploit and monetize the fan base assets for the Mobile operator and the club and by the other side an activation plan to engage the social base of the club.
Real Club Celta de Vigo is one of the strongest institutions in the city of Vigo and all Galizia region as a high hallmark with a stable supporters base and very professional management open to developing new initiatives as Celta Mobile.